I can provide my service in more than one language. I am fluent in Polish and English.

I have 30 years of experience of working with textiles. I have specialised in making prototype outfits for men, women and children. I have also experience in designing and creating costumes for theatre and ballet and other performances. I get involved in the whole production process, from start to finish.

I also specialise in the wedding dresses, formal gowns, historical costumes reproduction and other garments. This involves designing, formatting, cutting, sewing and decorating as well as painting, dyeing and embroidering, both by hand and machine.

My skills also extend to soft furnishings, handmade curtains and blinds, using light-weight and heavy fabrics, installation and construction of support.

I work with fabrics, clay and metal. I practice mixed media: oil, acrylic, construction and installation, including 3D sculpture.

I present workshops ad exhibitions to further explore the above skills.


I have worked on the production of ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare at Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology – Arts & Skills Festival, Theatre Severn, Shropshire. I had the role of costume and make up designer.

This costume for the character ‘Trinculo’ is an example of the work I have done. Should you require further details please look at my Portfolio, my CV or contact me.

Costume Construction Design for the character ‘Ghost’ in an adaption of Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’

My imagination extends to two dimensional design involving fabric. It translates my unique practical skills in craft and tailoring to construct costume and designs, relevant to the performing arts. It takes into account  the character, movement of the costume and specific ballet dances. My creativity leads me into creating designs and assists my construction process.

I work with a different range of fabrics, as well as including dyeing and painting. My ability to research and learn about specific period of history helps contextualise and develop the costume relevant to the period.

As a poet needs a pen to write, I desires to use the wind as my pen, the silk being the idea…

This costume design and construction was for the character of the ‘Ghost’ in an adaption of Dickens ‘Christmas Carol’.

I love to design and make theatrical costumes. I have been fascinated as a child by the movement of fabric and the changing patterns that result.

I create the designs using silk painting and then record with photography. The costume Hippolyta was inspired by Italian artist Leonardo Gasser ‘Curiosity’ Oil on Panel, (1831-1915), 19th Century European.

The progress of my work step by step…

It seems like a Dream…

Garment construction and creation of ornamentation. Working progress, step by step…